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The 2016 Vintage is Complete…

The summer of 2015/16 was warm and dry, creating very favourable conditions for a bounteous crop of grapes (albeit still low to ensure flavoursome fruit). The harvest began at the end of February – the earliest ever – and it was a ridiculously busy 6 weeks. The pickers maintained a steady flow of grapes into the winery, as some varieties ripened at the same time, so the team worked from dawn to dusk transporting the fresh and full bunches to the winery.

Geraldine remained calm and carried on, and we were awestruck, as usual, at her endless supply of energy and ability to compartmentalise each load of grapes into whole bunch, de-stalked, pressed and macerated without ever skipping a beat. A winemaker’s life during vintage is one of total concentration and dedication!

Fortunately, the young wines in barrel taste delicious and the cautious vintage optimism has become downright excitement about the quality. We can’t wait to try the wines!

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